Youtube star Jake Paul defeated Nate Robinson in Brutal fight in 2020 :

Jake Paul fight with Nate Robinson

 Jake Paul is a top-rated Boxer in the sports industry. He is a famous Youtube star and has a huge fan following. A 7 times world champion quoted that an inexperienced Boxer will get hurt so much if he is unable to handle the opponent. There is a technique that how a sportsman spirit helps you to defeat others. It was not very difficult for Youtube to start to knock out an ex-NBA basketball player. Millions of people admiring him after the results. In normal games, players fought for 4 rounds. In this debut session, there were four rounds. Viewers can expect how critical it was to defeat Jake Paul in the field. This game was looking like Mike Tyson and vs Roy Jones. Nate was motionless after crashing down his face first in the fight. It was hitting like a hammer on his face. It was looking like a Youtube star is very angry in the arena. Early years trainer of Mike Tyson, tweeted that, “I don’t care the athletes or not, stop allowing guys who don’t know how to fight in a ring. An Olympic champion also tweeted that you shouldn’t go there with no headgear. You don’t know how to play boxing. 

Why unexpected results became top trends?

Jake Clear shots on head to knock down Robinson

 Medical assistance is important for those players who are stars or not. It depends on how they move on in their career. Jake Paul was fighting like he is convincing his fans to click the subscribe button on the youtube channel. Now medical treatment is very important for Robinson to proceed in his boxing career. He remained a top-rated Basketball expert and was not expecting this result which became a top trend. Paul took care of his brutal knockout. He should react like a sportsman. He hurt Robinson very badly. Many top-rated athletes are criticizing both players. Knocking out Robinson two times in the first round was brutal of the year. 

Round 1:

In the first round, both of the players were energetic and coming out swinging. By physical appearance, Nate was looking like a professional Boxing player and wanted to knock him down in the first round, but it happened oppositely. Paul Knoch him down two times in the first round. It was very shocking for him to keep his eyes and brain open. A clean hit behind the head of Robinson was shocking for him and he complained also, but replay got it legal.

Round 2:

Immediate medical assistance is very important in every round. Robinson was performing well, but when he was clearly hit by Jake Paul and got down on the mat, he concerned about medical attention. The audience was surprised to see the brutal fight between the two rivals. In 2nd round, 2 clear shots were very dangerous for Robinson on his face. Thankfully he stood up by saying he is OK. Before the fight, Paul tweeted by keeping Basketball in his hand by saying that we are fighting for 3 points contest.

What was extracted after this fight?

A best fight between two Rivals

It was clearly mentioned that experience is very important in a fight. It is not mandatory that you are a heavyweight champion or Olympics champion. If you have tricks to deal with the opponent in the ring then you can throw him back to the ring easily. Robinson started his game in August this year. He called out Paul by entering this field. Paul is a champion and he accepted the challenge by giving him such a result. After the match, Paul shared his words that I am fighting from last year and I faced many dangerous opponents. I caught him with my right hand in the ring and throw him down in an easy way.

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