Mike Tyson and Jake Paul boxing match:

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul were in the boxing ring on 28-11-2020 at 9 pm and the fans were ready for the action before the boxing match.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, two American former professional boxers were in the ring but the audience’s attention was diverted from them to Jake Paul and Nate Robinson.

You might be surprised like me, but this is true that’s audience attention was diverted from Mike Tyson and Row jones on Saturday.

It is unusual for all of us that ex- NBA players and social media start can create this kind of attention.

But this is 2020, anything which is not expected could happen there.

Let us known in the comments who were you supporting on a Saturday night.

Mike Tyson and Row Jones:

Mike Tyson’s full name is Michael Gerard Tyson. Mike was a one-time American professional Boxer. His career started in the year 1985 and ends in the year 2005.

At the starting of his career, he was known as the Iron Mike but after some time, he is known as the “Baddest Man On The Earth”.

Mike was the best heavyweight boxer of his time and he has made the record as the youngest boxers who have won the heavyweight title.

Roy Jones’s full name is Roy Levesta Jones Jr. Roy was not only American Professional Boxer but also a Boxing trainer, Boxing commentator, and actor.

He has dual citizenship of Russia and America. His career started in 1989 and ends in 2018.

He has multiple awards in world championships in four weight classes. He is the best boxer of his time.

Jake Paul and Nate Robinson:

Jake Paul’s full name is Jake Joseph Paul. He is a YouTuber, social media star, boxer, and also an actor.

He has become the subject of many controversies in his career just because of his behavior. He is also fired from his Disney television show and being charged for doing entering without permission.

Nate Robinson is one of the best American professional basketball players. He was born in Seattle. Robinson has also played basketball for the University Of Washington.

According to Robinson, He is the world’s best athlete who has played college football and played in the NBA for 11 years so he is super excited for entering the world of boxing.

Why Jake Paul and Nate Robinson are fighting:

According to Robinson, he is the world’s best athlete and super excited for entering the boxing world and Jake Paul is a boxer but he has played only one professional match.

So, Paul and Robinson, both are trying to prove themselves as a professional boxer and fight against each other because it is the best chance to prove it.

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