X-Ray scans reveal shocking information about 1900-year-old Mummy

Nowadays, scientists have started using a new technique that allows them to inspect an old finding without tampering with the artifact itself. They used a combination of CT scan and X-rays diffraction to reveal what they discovered inside a 1900-year-old mummy. Keep reading to know more.

x-ray scans reveal

X-Ray scans reveal shocking information!

Stuart Stock, the lead researcher, told CNN that an X-Ray beam even thinner than a human hair was shone onto the mummy to identify the contents inside its wrappings.

“The X-rays give off what is essentially a fingerprint that is characteristic of the material.” Stock revealed.

What shocked Stock and his team the most was that the mummy was the body of a 5 year-old child rather than an older woman, preserved like the bodies of adult mummies.

A small chunck of calcium carbnonate was also found with the mummy which was identified as a sacarb beetle. A sacarb beetle was placed in a n incision of the dead mummies abdomen and represented rebirth for the anciet people.

X-Ray scans reveal that the materials used in the mummification of the body were very pure which means that the girl belonged to a wealthy if not a royal Egyptian family.

The researcher further told that the girl had no skeletal trauma so the cause of her death is still unknown. There were 36 needle-like small objects that surrounded her body which was said to be modern metals or wire that were placed in the last century or so to keep her body intact.

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