Electoral victory of Biden will formalize for Trump to leave the White House in January 2020:

After the U.S election 2020, there was a conflict in the electoral victory between Biden and Trump. Trump was not expecting that he has to leave the house forever. He thought that he became more popular during his presidency between 2016-2020. But the results were different from the expectations. Joe Biden got 80 million votes and 274 electoral votes to become the new President of the United States. Trump and his followers are still not ready to accept the results. They blamed on election commission for rigging the electoral system. Trump was ready to challenge Biden’s electoral victory. According to the constitution, Trump will remain the President till January 2021. The whole world on electronic media and social media pushed Trump to leave the office, but he was not ready. Yesterday, he tweeted that he will leave the office if the electoral college votes for Biden. He still expects that in HIS Government, no one is ready to see Biden as their new President. U.S army follows the constitutional laws. Yesterday, Trump arranged a video conference with the U.S military. He discussed in detail with army officials. Many voters believe that Trump can retain his Presidency for the next session.

Trump stand on not leaving the office

Consiquences after formalizing Biden’s electoral victory:

Many news agencies are focusing on the new electoral college votes of the former vice president. He has got more votes as compared to Trump. By researching these stats, it looks like Trump is losing his popularity day by day. Now in this situation, he thinks that he should leave the house ASAP. So, he claimed that he has the last chance to get some votes from the electoral college. The upcoming President has got 306 votes which is a huge target to achieve. He is still claiming that elections were marred by “massive fraud”. Many intelligence agencies are working under his Presidency. He offered no concrete evidence of widespread voting irregularities. Now he declined to say that he will join Biden’s inauguration on January 20 or not. He added that he will join the 2 Republican senators in Georgia. He is still expecting that these 2 Republicans’ electoral victory will decide that the elections were fair or not. According to the world’s top trends, Biden’s campaign for the Presidential election was transitional. Trump and his voter’s efforts around the world were admirable. A major part of Trump’s campaign depended on allegations about the fraud of the election.

Biden Vs Trump battle in electoral college

 There is a tradition in United States President’s house that the current President received the new one after the electoral victory. He joins the inauguration of the new President. Now Trump is in big trouble. He doesn’t like Biden and not ready to accept the election. It will be difficult for him to receive the new President during his tenure. He refused to discuss more things that will happen in January. Millions of people still follow him for the Presidency. It will take time to deal with the new policies of the White House. The electoral college is the last opportunity in which he can decide the new policies with his staff. He openly challenged the rigging of elections. He blamed many states that they are their enemies. He was not expecting such results from his favorite states. Many news agencies already published the news about the victory of Biden. In Senate, the electoral college now has not so much influence on the power. According to CNN Politics, a reporter asked that will you leave the White House when Biden will enter. He said I will and you know that.

Trump and Biden's fight for electoral victory in Electoral college
Biden and Harris for new vision of U.S.

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