“Grammys May No Longer Matter” Reacts Drake On The Weekend Drama

It seems like Grammys have disappointed so many artists by not including them in the nominations and Drake is one of them. There has been huge drama going on in the industry as The Weekend also the popular singer and winner of many awards lashes out at the Grammys for not taking him in the nominations calling it corrupt.


Well, when it comes to disappointment he is not the only one but there are so many others. And this time Drake the God plans singer got his back. He should moral support to The Weekend and that too publicly.

Drake Supports The Weekend & Other Artists

Drake is one of the most genuine and down to earth singers we have ever come across. He wins people hearts by not just his songs but his etiquettes and moral ethics as well. Talking about Drake and not mentioning his ah-mazing videos of his own songs is quite not possible. They are simply SUPERB!

Drake says Grammys may no longer matter

He posted a long Instagram storytelling people that we should not expect any loyalty from the Grammys. He wrote, “Unfortunately, every year, there are fewer nominations than the number of deserving artists” while mentioning The Weekend in it.

The story is attached here:

Well, he doesn’t post this story penning his point of view on Grammys only for the Weekend but for the several other artists as well. He also mentioned lilaby and partynexdoor as well. Further saying that many of them are missing in the list.

Well, this is how Drake proved his down to earth personality by taking a stand for his fellow mates. We really adore his songs and personality. Which of the song of Drake is your favorite?

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