Ariana Grande’s moves go viral, Bad Bunny cancels AMA’s performance

Ariana Grande always kills it in her music videos by showing us her unusual dances and VFX filled world full of Robots and bunnies. This time her Ariana Grande’s moves went viral all over the internet, mainly TikTok. Keep reading to learn more.

ariana grande's moves

Ariana Grande’s moves go viral!

Grande just released her new album “Positions” which is being loved by each and everyone alike. She has released 2 singles from the album out of which one is called “34+35”. The song had been getting a lot of fame for its unusual name but it also went viral over TikTok for a specific dance move that Ariana mastered in the music video.

The trend is going around known as the “34+35 Challenge” where people do a split lying on their stomachs and then move their legs backward to do twerk. Pretty difficult if you ask us.

Watch the video to understand Ariana Grande’s moves below.

Moreover, an AMA performance was canceled by the famous Peurto Rican rapper “Bad Bunny” as he was tested positive for the Coronavirus just before he had to perform.

But on a lighter note, he did win two AMAs for “Favorite Male Artist” and “Favorite Album”. We just hope he shows a speedy recovery.

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