Cardi B exposes Wiz Khalifa’s DM

The Grammys have been accused several times of only nominating white artists and completely sidelining the singers of color! But this time the white nominees were not the issue, it was the winner who was targeted! Keep reading to know more about Cardi B exposes Wiz Khalifa’s DM.

cardi b exposes

Cardi B exposes Wiz Khalifa!

Wiz Khalifa was interacting with his fans on Twitter, discussing the grammys when one of the fans pointed out that Cardi B has already won a Grammy being fairly new to the industry while Nicki is yet to receive one for her work.

After this tweet was seen by Khalifa, he replied to a fan saying: “most self-made artists have this problem,” pointing to the fact that artists that struggle more get no proper appreciation.

After Cardi B got to know about Wiz’s response to the fan’s tweet, Cardi B exposes the “See You Again” singer by pointing out his hypocrisy and sharing a screenshot of him praising her for her work when she was “at the bottom.”

Cardi tweeted that: “This was Nikkas in my dms in 2016! They really support you when you grinding at the bottom then it’s a different story when you make it!.”

In another tweet, Cardi also crticized Khalifa on pitting her and Minaj against each other.

It is sad to see how most of the people in showbiz act completely different in front of their celebrity friends and then show their true colors in other situations. We just hope that this competition between the artists should end and everyone should be appreciated for their own unique talent!

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