Black man elected as student body president/Harvard :

Harvard makes history. A black man is elected as student body president at Harvard University for the first time in three centuries.

20 years old Noah Harris won the election this month and told CBS Boston that “he is not shy that his color is black and he can do anything in this world.”

He further said that “”after the shading foul play with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other Black individuals it is by all accounts a great election and it has a positive effect of the Harvard University on the world.

Harvard has given the message that how they handle the color racism in the university and every student is treated equally in the university whether he or she is black or white.

Harvard University has proven that equal education is provided to every student and they also take care of their careers.”

Noah Harris vision:

MR. Harris and his vice president Jenny Gan have the vision to implement serious action against color racism and sexual Harassment and to spread justice for both black or white men.

In his election campaign, Harris and his vice president, Jenny Gan said that we will force Harvard to fulfill his promise against anti-racism.

Harris is the only Black man who had to win the elections and become the student body president while in 1993 Carl Gabay, is selected for participating in the student body president election but not succeded.

Color racism with Black Man:

Color racism with Black people is at its peak in the United States. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other examples are present in the media. The majority of the color racism cases are not reported.

Recently a case was reported in which an African-American Black man was in police custody and faced death. The CCTV footage shows that the white police officer kneeling black man MR. Floyd while MR. Floyd was not able to breathe.

The footage of 25th May shows that George Floyd had at least speak 20 times that he is facing problems in breathing but the white police officer does not care about his health.

The white police officer MR. Chauvin has charged with murder.

There are also other many cases in the US in which Black people has not equally treated as compared to white people. It seems to look like white people have more rights than black people in the United States.

Interesting point:

Nelson Mandela the founder of South Africa is also known as the “Hero of Black People”. He has given the rights to the black people of South Africa.

To deny individuals their common freedom is to challenge their very humanity. Nelson Mandela.

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