GOP civil war, Inspired by Trump, Grips Georgia, Threaten 52 states:

Georgia is the only state in America that became the top trend for criticizing the U.S election. A Grand Old Party (GOP) is in the access of Donald Trump in Georgia. Trump is still not ready to accept elections in 2020. He said, there is an illegal process that is used to reverse the election. Joe Biden says that Trump is publicizing civil war in the United States. His party will not help him to move on in this situation. Trump supporters are threatening the state governor to work in the favor of the current president. Governor will follow those rules and laws which are applicable in the constitution. Trump said in the video that if the election commission will not work for his presidency, he will destroy the Grand old party which is a top-level republican party in the united states. A supporter in the microphone called the state governor Brian Kemp and Utah Senator Mitt Romney “traitor“. Some other Demonstrator was saying that we are the new GOP. GOP is now under threat from Republicans to not implement more laws for Joe Biden’s victory.

Trump boycott the election and threat GOP

Conspiracy Theory to Boycott Runoff Election in Georgia:

 The democratic party in Georgia and all states of America is the only party that has become more popular throughout the election. Trump and his Republican party were not expecting such kind of results. Trump won more votes as compared to 2016. The reason behind not accepting the election results in many states is because his popularity in the world is challenged. His supporters in many states are out of control in attacking the government building. The democratic party is pushing the Trump leadership to get out of the White House, as soon as possible. Trump’s struggle to boycott the election is not enough to change the policies. His aggressive attacks on GOP’s officials for refusing his unverified claims about election fraud. He said that the whole party in the United States to support me against this fraud. He threatened to destroy the party if his demands will not get green signals. Social media platforms invoked a conspiracy theory about a rigged election and boycott the Georgia state and election commission. The message to GOP was strange that announce the Trump “winner” or we will finish you. Because of the Covid 19, there were online abusing calls to the state officials that you are the Democratic operatives.

Republicans attack on GOP against senate election

The Narrative to Stop the Steal:

Trump supporters highlighted the banners and a campaign on social media that to stop the steal. Trump’s mission to make America great should be accomplished. Without his presidency, peope cannot afford other fraud people. For upcoming Georgia Senate runff election has bcome the headlines for social media viewers. They think that these runoff elections should be boycotted. If it will be happen, it means people are accepting the general election against Trump. Till january 2021, Trump will remain the president and live in White House. His rules an policies will be accepted in all states. For now, he has a chance to work for his way to remain in White House. He thinks that the policies and laws he made in 4 years cannot be implemented without his leadership. For this he directly attacked the GOP to stop working for your upcoming policies in Senate. There is a huge fan following of Trump in Georgia. It’s secretary and senate officials are both Republicans. Both are the only powerful leaders who can help Trump and his supporters to boycott runoff election.

Stop the Steal narrative to boycott the election

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