Warren Buffett’s 10 rules of success/Jay-Z:

Warren Buffett a very well-known man among the successful person in the world. He is among successful investors in the world. The net worth of the warren Buffett is about 85.9 Billion USD.

After knowing his net worth, you can imagine how successful an investor he is.

Before we going to Warren Buffet’s 10 rules for success, let’s discuss some points about his success story.

Warren Buffett successful story:

Warren was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska and after doing his master’s in the science of economics, he started taking classes at the New York Institute of Finance.

When he was seven years old, he started taking knowledge about investing at the Public library of Omaha. He started his business as a shareholder at the age of 11 and when he was graduated from college, he piles up about $9800.

He has also worked in several firms and after that, he started his own company. He was the biggest shareholder and the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway at the age of 40.

How to develop the habits of success:

Warren Buffett shares his knowledge about “how to develop the habits of success” with Jay-Z. You can watch this video if you are interested in how to develop the habits of success.

Warren Buffet’s 10 rules of success:

His 10 rules of success are as under:

  1. hire well
  2. discover your passion.
  3. what others think is none of your business.
  4. competition is an advantage.
  5. buildup your personality.
  6. reading is a source of information.
  7. have a margin of safety.
  8. never give up.
  9. learn from your mentor.
  10. give love take love.

Conclusion of Buffett’s 10 rules of success:

Name of warren is among the successful persons in the world and his net worth is 85.9 Billion USD, so he is working to provide knowledge to young investors for making more Billionaires in the world.

He also invites other Billionaires to do this great work and make others successful.

Warren Buffett advises people or business owners to hire energetic and smart people for your company. The energetic and smart people will give results better than dumb and lazy people.

When people asked about his success, he replied that I have found my passion when I was 7 years old and that’s the reason I am very successful today. He advises the people especially youngster to discover your passion and start working on it.

He always said that ” what others think is none of your business”. If you have discovered your passion then don’t look to others and start working on it.

Take the competition as an advantage. He always said that if you are facing competition in your industry then take it as an advantage, not as a problem and start producing low-cast resources.

According to him, personality development is essential for success. What you show yourself to the client will decide your success. If you have a calm mind and attractive personality, then definitely you will get better clients.

Warren Buffett’s once said that I read 4 to 5 newspapers daily for gaining more information. The only way to increase your information is to read, read, and read.

Warren Buffet is known as an expert in investing. He always advises young men to make a margin of safety for facing failures.

If you are not successful at one attempt that does not mean to give up. According to him Never Give Up is the key to success.

Everyone has a mentor. Warren Buffett said that his mentor was Ben Graham who has written the book on investing. He always said that learn from your mentors.

Give love and take love is universal law. If you are looking for a happy life then start giving unconditional love to the people.

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