50 Cents Allege Lil Wayne Was “Paid” To Support Donald Trump

There’s a trend going on which is: There comes a great dislike for whoever supporting Donald Trump in 2021 as now we have a substitute for him. Don’t we? Well, Lil Wayne is among those categories who are being disliked. The rapper recently had a “great meeting” with former President Donald Trump.

lil wayne supports trump

And this great meeting seems to create a beef among so many of his followers. If you don’t know then recently Lil Wayne is seen meeting Donald Trump and is now supposed to be supporting him. As he posted a picture of him and Trump on his Twitter saying, “He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.”


Well, the rapper received quite a backlash for supporting Trump and he also disappointed another man from his field none other than “50 Cent.”

50 Cent On Lil Wayne Supporting Trump:

50 cent reposted the tweet of Lil Wayne and caption it saying He would never post a picture with Trump. To all those who don’t know, then 50 Cent also used to support Donald Trump but later decided to back off.

50 Cent: “I’m Sure Easily He Got Paid”

50 Cent recently appeared on “The Breakfast Club” Radio show and was asked by the host that he thinks that the rapper got paid or “got a cheque” for posting a picture on the social media? (They are referring to the thumbs-up picture of Lil Wayne which he posted on twitter)

To which Cent surprising replied confidently, “Yeah I’m Sure, Easily he got paid. He had the sweater and the picture.”

Well, if that’s so then we are suspicious about it as well! Are you? On which part of the side are you? One – you are free to support anyone or Two – No supporting Trump? Tell us in the comments section!

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