Top-Notch Moments Fans Wanted To See In Games Of Thrones Final Season That Never Happened

Games Of Thrones was a kind of series that I think whose hype can never be matched from nowadays series or shows. This show used to get telecast on HBO that was created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Games Of Thrones has finally bid its farewell to their fans on its last and final season 10th.

games of thrones moments that never happened

As we all are aware of the fact that with fame, hype or obsession comes great controversies and expectations as well. Soon the owners of the show decided that the 10th season is the last season of the show than the fans of GoT had huge expectations from these series. They canted their favorite characters to meet or win, the villain to get the fruit he deserved, and whatnot.

games of thrones moments that never happened

Some of them were so into their fandom and the series that they read out the whole lot of books of it and then predicted the conclusions just like that.

Moments That Never Happened In Games Of Thrones

So, let’s discuss those top-notch moments which were expected by the fans a hundred percent but never happened. Which ultimately left them disappointed.

Reunion on Nymeria And Her Wolf Pack:

All the Games Of Thrones fandom has huge hope that Nymeria and her wolf pack will reunite again in the final season with Ghost in the Winterfell as both. But sadly we couldn’t see a single glimpse of Nymeria after season 7.

Direwolves In Battle:

John and Daenery were seen having beautiful moments throughout season 7 so it was 100% predicted that both the lovers will be soon having their little ones. When they had a wonderful night in the boat of Winterfall everyone was just waiting for the “boat baby” but the makers had totally different plans.

Daenerys And Arya’s Talk:

Daenerys and Arya had almost everything common between them and their bond with the otherworldly animals made both of them really alike. Since both of them share the same personalities everyone expected both of them to share some conversation or talk in the last season. But sadly that too didn’t happen.

What Varys Heard On Flames?

Varys played a huge role in the whole series and the sudden death of Vary after an exceptional scene in season 8 of him discovering the parentage of John left everyone curious. And his death also left so many questions of all the GoT lovers unanswered. One of them was, What did he heard on the flames? We all wanted to know that scene but ALAS! The season is over.

Westeros During Winters:

When the show initiated the makers of GoT kept their fans intrigued that the winter is coming. Which made all of us predicted that in the last seasons there will be winter. But no it was all the sunnier although winters did come in few seasons but hey! We deserved the winter fun as promised in season 1.

These were the biggest disappointments and predicted moments of Games Of Thrones that never happened. These moments were missed badly. Do you miss the same as ours? Please comment down below and tell us what parts were missing according to you.

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