Jenna Ellis called Trump an “idiot” in 2016:

As a legal advisor, Jenna Ellis is one of the most sincere defenders of Donald Trump since she joined his campaign. But in the year 2016, she became a very strong opponent and opposed his campaign.

Jenna Ellis was a one-time law professor from Colorado said that Donald Trump is an idiot and arrogant and a person who will not be able to trust. When Donald Trump made comments on women, she called him disgusting and according to her, Trump is not a real Christian.

Since 01-03-2016, Jenna Ellis wrote on her Facebook page and said that trump’s merit was not American’s. When Mitt Romney speaks against Donald Trump and mentions him as “Drumpf”, she praised him.

Meanwhile, Drumpf is a nickname stamp out by a comedian John Oliver, after a biographer disclose that trump’s ancestors have changed his family’s surname from Drumpf to Trump.

Jenna Ellis on Trump and Trump supporters:

In April 2016, she said on her radio appearance and said that how should we give the highest office of the US to a person who does not fulfill his promises and not be able to trust in anything.

She further said on her Facebook post that the candidates of Republicans are unprincipled, dishonest, double-dealer, dirtbag, and his supporters did not care about honesty and truth.

In the same year, she further posted that, my full day is spent on responding to the inconsistent, unreasonable, and false arguments given by the trump supporters. It is safe to say that Trump supporters did not see the truth and this is the main reason why the US is in a fearful moment. We did have any truth supporters.

In another Facebook post, she wrote that Donald Trump did not handle criticism and it is very dangerous for the democracy of the United States and the merits of the American’s.

Jenna Ellis statement to CNN:

In a statement to CNN, she said that I am very straightforward about my views and admitted whenever I changed my views. It is no hidden that I did not like Donald Trump in the year 2015 and did not support him because I did not know him as many others did not know him. But I am very happy to change my views because I was completely wrong.

she further said that Donald Trump is not a good Christian but he is in a state of repentance and seeking forgiveness.

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