Trump fires head of election cybersecurity who debunked conspiracy theories:

Election 2020 put Donald Trump in big trouble. He was not expecting such kind of results as compared to the previous presidential votes 2016. He thought that by his performance, people will attract to him and elect him for the second time. For the same reason, he involved many cybersecurity officers, new teams, social media analysts to work hard for this election. But unfortunately during this competition, the results were not according to the 100% assurity. His head of election cybersecurity, Christopher Krebs predicts that Trump can win easily. He announced a big rumor towards the president’s office and in the U.S. that Trump is going to win, but after the results, Trump fired him because of his debunked conspiracy theories. Krebs was also the head of the federal infrastructure security agency. He was working in a lead role in the U.S presidency under the flag of Donald Trump. Trump announced on Twitter that the news about the conspiracy of the electoral votes was absolutely inaccurate. This was the joint statement of the federal infrastructure security agency that electoral results will be admirable for us. He promoted the wrong information, so we are not in a position to work with you anymore. He was upset about this announcement. He said that we worked hard. I am proud of my team for our performance during the electoral system. Our cybersecurity records were perfect as we did the research. We are not in a position to think that these are valid results.

Chris Kreb fires for election cybersecurity

Federal cybersecurity promoted disinformation:

This election 2020 made Trump very upset. According to the NBC news, and trendings U.S.A, Kerbs and his team sources told them to not lay down and continue your work after this misinformation, because your record for cybersecurity in the critical federal infrastructural agency (CISA) is very good. A former official of the Department of Homeland security told that this is the opportunity for the bad cyber actors to involve in your cybersecurity. This dismissal leaves the door open for the president to hire a loyal officer for your security. After Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election for outgoing of Obama’s administration, this time it became a more critical infrastructure. Krebs and his team had become the face of the Government’s achievements for many industries in all 50 states. In the energy and national security sectors, people admired the Kreb’s team and Trump’s presidency. But now it was also against the expectations that he can get a reward by dismissing him from the team. Many news channels were criticizing Trump for his incorrect announcement against Kreb. Analysts added that win or lose in elections is part of the job during the presidency, but this is not right to fire those people who worked for your security.

Chris Krebs was fired for election cybersecurity consperecy theories

Kerb’s state election for cybersecurity:

Kerb is one of those party officials who won the state security elections from both parties. He installed cyberthreat information-sharing sensors. A senior state agency official called this a ‘sad day’ for the agency, and he had resisted the misleading claims. Another CISA official said that he dismissed because of making the security of the election very clear because this election was an “absolute badge of honor”. After this election, CISA announced that Kerb would be speaking for the agency at two live-streamed talks held by third parties. Many politicians and state officials admired that Kerb helped us for protecting the election, and he is fired for telling the truth. Director Christopher Krebs has been admired by both Republicans and Democrats at national and state for protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Media pushing trump for dismissing Kreb for election security

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