Machine Gun Kelly Says GF Megan Fox Took Him Out Of Fast Lane

Machine Gun Kelly whose actual name is Richard Colson Baker is commonly known as the American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor as well. He has released for of his outstanding remarkable albums each of them is equally adored by his fans.

The singer was allegedly dating Megan Fox but the news wasn’t confirmed from any sources so we couldn’t jump to the conclusions. Well, the rapper was having a rough time of life which is admitted by himself and no one else.

machine gun Kelly rapper
Machine Gun Kelly

Want to know exact details about the insights of “all and about” of the rough patch of Machine Gun Kelly? Then keep on reading.

“I Was Like The Wind With No Guidance Or Care,” Says Machine Gun Kelly

The singer is all set to launch his fifth album and we all are more than excited. But during the occasion of promoting his album while in conversation with Nylon Kelly revealed that he felt like he was a wind with no guidance and care. He further added that, “I had a ** attitude in and out drugs and cops.”

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But as always predicted all the rough times and bad days end with a ray of love. And that’s what he added more to his interview that he fell in love at the time when it was not encouraged. He explained love that is the most opposite thing of encouragement. And how love can do wonders and take one out of the dark lane. Also, his love also saved him from the rough path of his life.

Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox

Well, guess who can be the love of Machine Gun Kelly and who can he talk about? I mean it is not as difficult to guess. None other than Megan Fox. Both the stars met on the set of midnight in the switchgrass.

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Megan also expressed her feelings about Kelly in a very positive way which were:

“I looked into his eyes and felt the most pristine, most gently, most pure spirit.”

What are your thoughts about this new yet stunning couple?

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