$1.5 million in bribe has given by Maryland CEO/Federal Agent full story:


$1.5 million in bribe has been given by the CEO of Maryland to the previous fencing coach of Harvard University, the bribe also includes amounts of money or car and house.

The main purpose of this bribe or this action is to get his son accepted in Ivy League school, according to Federal Prosecutors. Report released on Monday.

According to the US Attorney’s office, Peter Brand, 67, and Jie Jack Zhao, 61, has charged conspiracy to be blamed for bribery in Federal Programs, and both were arrested on Monday. Both appeared on Monday in Federal Court.

According to CNN, the representative of the brand, Attorney Douglas Brooks told CNN that the brand had done nothing wrong.

The sons were students and the rising fencing stars and the former fencing coach was also innocent. The representative further said that he said the complete truth about the case in court. The representative of the brand told this to CNN through an email.

The US Attorney statement on this bribe case:

The US Attorney, Andrew E. Lelling, said in his statement that ” due to our long effort this case is charged to expose the corruption in college admission.

Millions of students apply for college admission every year and we try our best to expose the cheating and corruption in admission tests.

An Attorney for the Zhao rejected the charge and said in his statement that both the students were students and international level fencing stars. Both of them achieve admission to Harvard on their merit. MR. Zhao rejected the charge and said that we will face them in court.

Meanwhile, the punishment of this act is possibly up to 5 years in prison. The other parents who accepted their mistake and have guilt will be punished for three to five months.

How the case has charged?

The college coaches had not any right to decide who will get admission in the college but their suggestions have a great impact on the admission office.

The complaint about Zhao had a serious reaction from the admission office.
The complaint about Zhao conveys that the Maryland CEO has given $1.5 million to a former fencing coach to get his sons accepted in Harvard.

The house payment made a case strong in front of investigators and Harvard. The brand sold the house to Zhao for $9,89,500, however it is twice as the tax payment document shows its original worth. 17 months later, Zhao sold the property with a loss of approximately 3 lac dollar.

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