2 Muslims apps has sold their data to the US military/Terrible:

All the Muslims in the world are dealing with the very frustrating question that “is the data from Muslims apps are being sold to the US military”? In this article, we will try to give a deep analysis of this question.

Firsts things first that we should try to understand some facts about the apps.

As we all know that these apps sell their user data to advertisers to generate money but some of the non-toxic apps may sell your data to the US military.

Two apps, named “Muslim Mingle” and “Muslim Pro” which has approximately 98 million downloads reported that they have sold their data to the US military. The US military is going to buy data about everyone around the world and especially Muslims who are connected with the Islamic apps.

The company called X-Mode is playing a vital role in these circumstances, the X-Mode company obtains comminuted movement date from the apps before selling it to the contractors and other sources like the US military.

The apps which are mentioned above are indeed used by Muslims and the US military is very popular for drone attacks, which can be done without location data

Muslims reaction to this act:

When Muslims hear this news, the criticism on both the US military and on these apps has started on social media. The criticism also includes how the apps will be sold their sensitive data to harmful sources.

We will share here some tweets in which you can see the views of the people.


Ruby share his tweet and said that, how can these are playing with the lives of millions of peoples who trusted them and she also request everyone to uninstall these apps.

Rowaida Abdelaziz tweeted that, the Muslim prayer app with over 98 million downloads is one of the apps that sold their user sensitive information to harmful sources or the military. She is shocked by the news.

Abdifatah Fiqo tweeted that, He and the digital Muslim world in mess. Now he is using the safari app to search the prayer time.

Khairunnisa M. tweeted that, is there any fine apps that can replace Muslimpro?

In a nutshell, Muslim Pro and Muslim Mingle lost their users’ trust after sold their personal and sensitive data to the US military. As the US military is very popular for drone attacks, which cannot be done without location data so how can these apps play with the lives of millions of peoples who trusted them.

We will advise you to while download any Muslim app, be careful by agreeing with his terms and conditions.

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