6 of the Most under-rated movies/documentaries on Netflix!

A good watch on Netflix is what everyone is in search of all the time. People would invest hours of their time on the Netflix app if they find a suitable movie/series/documentary for themselves. Today we are looking at the most under-rated movies/documentaries on Netflix!

under-rated movies/documentaries

Most under-rated movies/documentaries, Netflix edition!

American Murder: The Family Next Door

This documentary revolves around the murders of Shannan Watts and her 2 little girls, Celeste and Bella. The documentary takes you to a whole journey of how Shannan’s life was destroyed when she was bearing her third child and her husband Chris was found to be the murderer. This will definitely keep you on edge the whole time you watch it!

Miss Americana: Taylor Swift

Are you a Swiftie like us? The you will for sure love this Taylor Swift documentary that takes you on a ride on Taylor’s life and how she handles matters onstage and offstage, revealing her intimate details and exclusive onstage footage.

Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

A serial killer fanatic like us? You absolutely should not miss this documentary on Theodore Bundy. The documentary shows how Bundy was caught, how he escaped, and then how he confessed to his heinous deeds later. His rape-murders were termed “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.”

Coming to the movies!

What Happened To Monday

A dystopian science fiction movie which shows 7 identical sisters surviving in a world where people are only allowed to have 1 child due to population control until one of the seven goes missing. An extremely well put together action movie that will never bore the viewer!

Alex Strangelove

Another one on the under-rated movies/documentaries is Alex Strangelove, a beautiful movie that revolves around a teenager exploring his sexuality when he meets another boy his age while he is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend. You won’t regret watching it!

Train To Busan

Seok-Woo and his daughter take out time from his busy schedule to visit his wife on her birthday which becomes their biggest nightmare as they get trapped on their train amidst a zombie outbreak. A zombie movie that will keep you wanting more the whole time! You will definitely shed a tear or two at the very end of this amazing piece.

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