Selena Gomez requests Google to curtail the spread of misinformation:

Selena Gomez is a Hollywood actress, singer, and vocal powerhouse. She called Google about the misinformation for election 2020. She said that the advertisements play an important role in promoting political parties. For fair and transparent elections, all the search engines need to share proper information. If Google will advertise only democrats, then how is it possible to promote other people. This should be changed in all aspects. On social media and electronic & digital media, it is important to provide equal rights for connecting with the people. The news about UNICEF was in top trend. They highlighted that the ads of disinformation should be removed from websites. During the election, people focus on electronic and social media who is winning the election. If the news is fair and clean then people can easily believe and get proper information. She paid gratitude to the UNICEF U.S.A. for promoting the right things. We need more such organizations to work like this. Electoral candidates try to disgrace each other during elections. This is not the right of popular websites to promote wrong information like them.

Selena Gomez

Google follow the trends:

Google is a search engine, runs paid ads, and top trends that are searched for the whole day. Sometimes people provide them disinformation about multiple things. Some candidates try to promote the wrong stuff with millions of people. Popular celebrities need to provide the right information to their fans. The announcement by Selena Gomez raised the voice of Americans. Many companies engage with the singer to thank her for this vision. Selena Gomez said, Ads are promoted with popular traffic on Google. Companies added that these ads prefer potential violations in society. We should stop such kind of information on popular websites. People use search engines mostly in this era. They will believe the information which is provided to them. In our society, there is no place for hate and disinformation if an election is not in the right hands. Many organizations and platforms work against illegal ads and poor information. They directly engage with these platforms to provide the right data. These contents violate our policies about information and broadcasting. This is the responsibility of our policymakers who can threaten the advertisement companies about disinformation. Selena Gomez took the right step at right time. These companies need such tools as UNICEF used to push them in the right direction. This organization guides and help us to work for the prosperity of people. We should love them everytime in our life.

Open letter to Google and it’s CEO:

In October this year, Selena Gomez wrote an open letter to the Google and it’s CEO Sundar Pichai, to remove ads which are spreading wrong information about the election. This year, we expected a failr election in which people should elect thre right people for presidency. She said, I heard that Google is earning millions of dollars from these ads. It is not good gesture that they are earning from wrong information. They need a deep research about information then they should publish it. It is an illegal process of earning and providing wrong information. Now after the results, people are asking questions about the legitmiacy of the election. First they celebrated for Joe Biden’s victory. Now they are confused to decide that this is right decision or wrong. It was openly announced by UNICEF that Google is removing ads which are spreading disinformation. Thousands of people and companies congratulated them about this step. Now Google can understand that the only way to attract millions of people is to provide right information. We should thank Selena Gomez for raising this voice.

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