Donald Trump Finally Says Bidden Won But With A U-Turn

The war between Bidden, The new President, and Donald Trump isn’t getting over anytime soon. But in this war, it seems like only Trump is fighting without receiving any response or reactions. By now you must be aware of the fact that on the 3rd of November Bidden won the election over Trump by receiving the majority of the votes.

donald trump says bidden won

Well as predicted every election brings drama and 2020 being special has to brought something special. And with that Trump refuses to accept the Bidden as President. We proclaimed the system being fake, votes not being counted with honesty, and whatnot. And the citizens were also involved in this drama by running as hashtag on Twitter say #trumpisfired to give Donald Trump a reality check. But we think this step doesn’t affect Trump a little bit.

donald trump says bidden won

Donald Trump Finally Say Bidden Won:

Recently on Sunday morning Trump tweeted saying, “He won” but this is not it to it. Let’s jump to the whole story.

It feels like the former President is not going to give up, he is frustrated for his own reasons, and all of them are quite visible. He tweeted: “He won but only in the eyes of fake media news” which is a huge statement. But readers this is not it to this story. He continued saying that these elections were rigged and he has a long journey to go. Which low-key seems like he is challenging openly. Also, he stated that he agreed with nothing.

Also, one thing that is quite commendable is the fact that he never took the name of Bidden, Donald Trump just used “He” in his quite powerful tweet.

Guys, what do you think about this one? And whom do you support and why? Whoever you guys support we just want to spread a message that whoever wins or loses at the end we all are humans and respecting humanity has to be our first priority.

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