Doctors appeal to the Americans to take coronavirus seriously and the US tightens rules as virus surges, 2020:

The US government is facing many problems to stop the coronavirus pandemic. The death ratio in the US due to coronavirus has pushed all limits and the US governments have made more strict rules and limits gathering to control the pandemic and death ratio.

According to The New York Times, more than 1 in every 400 people are tested positive and the hospitalization has knocked all the records in the country.

Doctors request on social media for the American’s to take coronavirus seriously:

The doctors of the big states of the US use social media platforms to appeal the American’s to take coronavirus seriously and must follow the rules given by the government to control the pandemic.

Dr. Dan Johnson, from Nebraska, has posted about the current circumstances on Facebook and said that these results are not sufficient to control the death ratio.

To control the corona pandemic, masks should be compulsory for everyone, social distancing is necessary for all and indoor gatherings should have limited people. The individual’s citizens should be responsible and must follow the rules.

Dr. Dan also wrote that” if the situation gets completely worst then every individual in the state will be affected by a coronavirus in the form of death or serious illness.

Dr. Angela Hewlett tweeted about the current unavoidable circumstances and said that doctors are suffering too much and we are not at the unlimited source.

Dr. John McCarley, appeal on Facebook and said that the local Health Care Centre is filling very rapidly and the situation going worst. He further said that I am not saying that Lockdown should be imposed again but every individual should remember May 2020 and wear a face mask regularly to avoid any danger.

The medicine doctors from Amarillo, Texas said that the Hospitals have not left any space to add more I.C.U so it is a request for everyone to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing.

The coronavirus pandemic is completely out of control in the country:

The Public Health official is requesting the Americans to change their attitude towards covid-19 because the situation is going completely out of control in the US.

More than 1,80,000 cases were reported positive all over the country on Friday and more than 1,50,000 positive cases were reported on Saturday, the third-highest total cases in the country during the covid-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus has also killed more than thousands of Americans a day in the last and it is not wrong that many peoples were dying daily in April 2020.

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