Photo sparks the retaliation during COVID-19 pandemic and Pelosi offcut in-person dinner with new Democrat members of Congress:

The dispute began when the reporter of NBC news Leigh, Ann Caldwell reported on Friday that, during the COVID pandemic, dinner was arranged by the leaders of Democratic and Republican, for the new members in the House. She also shared a picture in his tweet showing that the tables are arranged with no social distancing at all.

As the United States encourages his people to continue lockdown, maintain social distancing, and keep wearing face masks but after this tweet, heavy criticism is going on social media.

The Office House speaker declared that the in-person dinner with the new members of Democrats has been wiping out due to the tweet of Leigh Ann Caldwell, showing that there is no arrangement for social distancing at all.

Pelosi deputy chief of staff response on the dinner during COVID pandemic:

Pelosi deputy chief of staff response to the tweet and said that how the safe event is this and tweeted that his office surely follows the instructions of the US officials and there is no group dinner arranged for the members.

Peoples reviews about this dinner in the US:


The reporter of The New York magazine Nikole Hannah-Jones, tweeted that, “telling families to not celebrate Thanksgiving during this pandemic (and we had not celebrated) and then this, come on.”

radio host Buck sexton said that “little people are following SOP’S and they aren’t.”

host Chris Bayes said that “they should postpone his valuable dinner.”

comedian Billy Eichner said that ” shameful moment for all those who are involved in dinner”

journalist Aaron Rupar wrote that” this must be canceled and straightforwardly, I am surprised by this.

Chelsea Clinton tweeted that, please wipeout these dinners to keep everyone safe and secure from coronavirus. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these dinners are not safe for anyone. During the Covid-19, we should be very sincere about the SOP given by US officials.

The reporter of the Washington Examiner Jerry Dunleavy wrote that this is happening in the US during these unavoidable circumstances while we have been told that to celebrate Thanksgiving during the Covid-19 pandemic is against the law. The Politicians of the US proofs that the law is not for them and they have demolished the people’s trust.

In the end:

President Donald Trump and his party republican have been criticized for breaking the law that is not wearing face masks and not maintaining social distancing, while the normal people are responsible for following the SOP’s given by the US officials.

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