Must Watch On Netflix (Micheal Jordan: The Last Dance)

To the people loves sports and to the people who don’t. We kid you not that you need to watch Micheal Jordan, The last dance. Because it is everything you want to see in a documentary and everything that would make you obsessed with it. If you don’t know then The last dance is a documentary on Micheal Jordan with reference of his 1997-1998 Chicago Bull.

micheal jordan - the last dance

Why You Need to Watch It?

Netflix and its show are undoubtedly coming with great content with lately we are facing disappointment from the cringe content. But this time Netflix proved itself by bringing on the best series “The Last Dance.” This series is based on the life of Micheal Jordan his struggles, his passion, how much it takes to be in the place where he was, and above all it is related to NBA Chicago Bulls as well.

I feel safe to say that even if you are not interested in sports you should still go and watch because it is nothing related to sports. Sports is just the part of his passion the visualizing of his life in this documentary proves that it is one best one we have seen so far.

What Micheal Jordan Is About:

Micheal Jordan was not just an ordinary sportsman and that it understood. He was beyond the basketball player, he was so much full of passion in what he wanted to do and great in winning his games that the word comes short to explain. But this documentary on Netflix did full justice to it.

He was a good man or a nice man was proved by the special appearance of some of the people who know him personally. In that list, former President Barrack Obama and his coach Nick were also included.

The film was ended with him being on the floor which looks as Jordan was really exhausted from his talents and extra-amazing skills, which left everyone teary eyes. Coach Nick also loved that last little clip.

So, guys, we hope these words convinced you to watch this Netflix series because when we say it is best then trust our words. If you known Micheal Jordan or even if you don’t. Just watch it and try to absorb his 1 percent of his powers and tolerance in yourself, life will feel great along. And low-key you will be crushing Micheal Jordan for a lifetime as well.

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