“You enabled that war”, veteran targets Biden!

Biden, to be inaugurated as the 46th President of the USA might not be as innocent as he seems. Although he has high hopes for himself as President, some of the Anti-Biden people have something else to say. Keep reading to know what we are talking about.

veteran targets biden

Veteran targets Biden!

A recent video surfaced on the internet that showed an air force veteran questioning Biden in the crowd, asking him why they should vote for a person who enabled wars in Afghanistan and Iraq!

The veteran further stated that the war Biden sanctioned killed hundreds of people including his veteran brothers and sister. Biden seemed to process this information taking his time and countered the veteran telling him that his son served in Iraq as well, following with a “not that it matters” to make it seem like he cares more about the dead veterans than his own family.

Following the veteran taking his anger out on Biden, he even told the Politician that he was “DISQUALIFIED” for his actions that took many innocent lives.

Watch the whole ordeal in this video below in which the veteran targets Biden for his actions.

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