Thanksgiving celebration in USA 2020- complete guide:

Thanksgiving is the most celebrated holiday in the United States and it is also probably the most important dinner in the whole year. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and to distinguish it from the Canadian holiday it is also called American Thanksgiving.

It becomes a foreign holiday for those who are experiencing their first thanksgiving and those who are traveling to the US on the fourth Thursday of November might be the most secular holiday for them.

What is celebrating on the fourth Thursday of November:

On the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving day is celebrated. It is a celebration of gratitude, close family, and friends. It is also a celebration of the fall harvest. This day has great importance in the world because it is one of the most secular holidays in the world.

The first Thanksgiving day is celebrated in the year 1621 by the pilgrims after their Harvest in the new world.

A history behind Thanksgiving celebration:

As far as history is concerned there is not a complete history or true history about first America’s thanksgiving day. The common answer is that the celebration starts in the year 1621.

The common story about the fourth Thursday of November is that, in the year 1620, Britisher’s were separated and with the help of Indians, American’s had learned to take care of their crops and to survive in this world.

In the year 1621, an event was organized to celebrate a traditional English three days harvest festival to show respect for the generous event.

How should you celebrate Thanksgiving day:

Now you have some basic knowledge about the celebration of the fourth Thursday of November in the USA. Let’s discuss how to celebrate That day.

1) If you are in New York City, find your spot and watch the band marching parade and if you are in other cities, watch the live stream of the parade on the internet.

2) Buy all your groceries from the stores because on this holiday stores usually open for half day.

3) Watch American Football, because American Football is an important part of the Thanksgiving day celebration.

4) Preparing the meal for this day is not an easy task so, cooking is also included in the celebration of this holiday.

What is for Thanksgiving dinner:

Usually on the fourth Thursday of November traditional dishes were made like:

1)Perfect Roast Turkey

2)Roasted Sweet Potato

3)Green Beans with Bacon

4)Cracked Pepper Dinner Rolls

5)Cheese Grits and Corn pudding and many more.

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