Joe Biden’s advisor recommends 4-6 week nationwide Covid-19 lockdown:

Llockdown discussion by Biden’s advisor

Joe Biden’s advisor Dr. Michael Osterholm said that lockdown is compulsory for the U.S these days. He is the focused representation of the U.S. democratic party. He believes that because of Trump’s poor management and policy, coronavirus affected millions of people. We should change our policies and the aware public of this pandemic. Lockdown helps us to overcome this disease. He was praising Australia and New Zealand that how they managed to overcome this pandemic. Like them, our people trust us that how we can guide them in this danger. During the 4-6 weeks, this disease can be controlled easily. Dr. Osterholm is the focused person of Biden’s democratic party who knows, this is the only solution where we can save the people. USA’s Covid-19 rate is American’s government fault. They would follow the other countries. 1000s of people died because of poor management. Doctors and hospitals can’t manage so many patients at the same time. New Zealand’s population density is very low. They can control easily. He added that the blame game in America is common in every state. A political opponent of each party breaks the rules easily. They don’t follow the precautions. All the political parties should be on the same page in the favor of this lockdown.

Economic affects after lockdown:

Like a huge population in the U.S., its economy plays an important part to manage the circumstances. Because of lockdown for 4-6 weeks, the graph of the economy can travel downwards, but people’s life is very important. Dr said we can manage and grow the economy later. We need to focus that how we can overcome this pandemic as soon as possible. He chooses this time, the reason is that the virus is more infectious this time. It is very dangerous for us to handle it after that. On Monday, U.S. research laboratories provided good news about the coronavirus vaccine. If we follow the lockdown, we can provide this vaccine to all infected patients. Its results are 90% positive for this disease. U.S. history behind nationwide lockdown is not good. We should change some rules during this climbing disease. Dr. Osterholm is the Minnesota University expert on infectious diseases. In this government, he can regulate some of the authorities about this lockdown. He provides a policy about the management of the economy. He said we can provide benefits to the low rate workers. We should give relief to small companies, that they should work with proper terms and conditions.

Work for the stocks of coronavirus vaccine:

Dr. said that small and medium-sized companies like PFIZER can work more quickly during this lockdown. This company will unload the vaccine and share it with all the states during this lockdown. We cannot only drive the numbers down but also can help these small companies to earn a major revenue. Our experiments on this vaccine prove positive results. If we release this vaccine during quarantine, we can help millions of people for their lives. If we unload this during a huge workflow, then it will not cover proper results. 100% vaccine will be available next year. He was also admiring Asian countries like Australia and New Zealand. He said, how they built trust between the people and convinced them about the proper quarantine. He advised Americans to get more indoor spaces because the virus spreads easily in cool weather. These days America’s weather is so cold and it is difficult to maintain your body’s environment. He called it a Covid hell by complete research and study about this pandemic. He said, during Biden’s presidency, we can build trust and cooperation between the people in the case of the economy.

Donald trump wants fast delivery and release of Covid-19 Vaccine

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