Jimmy Kimmel Takes Sarcastically A Dig On Trump

Jimmy Kimmel is best known for his effortlessly humorous commentary. He knows how to say his heart out and that too in a funny way. You know those people who just says their heart out loud and that too without bothering or offending others. He has invited so many celebs to his show and roasted them at the same time, again without offending them. Well, Jimmy Kimmel is one of them. And this time he applied this concept on none other than Trump.

jimmy kimmel roasting

Elections 2020 of USA has to be the 2nd highlight of year COVID-19 still stays on the topic, after all, no-one can take its place, right? Bidden was announced the new President of the USA and everyone is exceptionally happy except one person. Guess who? Obviously Trump. Trump is so much in shock and denial that he claims that the vote is all just fraud forgetting the fact the he has been elected through the same votes last time.

jimmy kimmel rost trump

Jimmy Kimmel On Trump’s Denial State:

While Trump continues to accept his defeat from the Bidden on 7th November 2020, Jimmy Kimmel on his Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” roasted Trump saying in a hilarious manner saying:

“The Potus refuses to go-tus.”

And the other comment of Jimmy Kimmel has to be one of the best comments of his life which is: “We have a reality show host who will not accept reality.”

Well, it’s just not Jimmy who is giving a reality check to Trump but Twitter is flooding with the funniest meme’s for Trump.

One of them is:


Do you watch Jimmy Kimmel’s show? If yes, then which episode is among your favorites? Well, we love it when he invites celebrities or models to his show.

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