Cringe Content On Netflix That No-one Can Watch For Long

Another day another cringe content on Netflix that what it feels like these days. There used to be a time when we get back from our work and sit on our sofas to watch all the amazing and intriguing content, those series, films or dramas made us not want to carry on our business or lives. Have you been through that phase?

Netflix And Cringe

Its been quite a long way for this phrase ” Netflix and Chill” but now what we feel like is this phrase is substituted by another phrase called “Netflix and cringe” because common just look at your explore page and you will find all the contents on Netflix that will make your cringe- really hard.

All The Cringe Content On Netflix

So, if you think that we are exaggerating then here are some of the contents on Netflix that will make you say “Oh-No” or like “What even”, so here we go.

1. What The Love! With Karan Johar:

If I summarize this show so in this show Karan Johar is playing the role of Culprit. Basically, this is a reality show hosted by Karan Johar where he will find the love of their lives for all the singles with the help of celebrities and all. It might sound interesting but I dare you that you won’t watch this one for so long as who would want to watch matchmaking stuff on Netflix?

cringe content on netflix

2. The Circle:

You will see a little “no-point” kind of a thing. This show is about all the contestants are packed in an apartment but in their separate rooms, they are not allowed to meet them in person but only on social media apps. And the one who interacts the most wins and least interacted one is eliminated based on the voting of contestants.

I mean, if you can’t meet in person then why are you even in an apartment just sit in your own house and do the social media interaction.

cringe content on netflix

3. Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Of Beverly Hills:

Plastic surgery is a curse for so many of us and we do not like the concept of plastic surgery but in a place like Beverly Hills plastics surgeons are as common as dentist. So, that what this show is about which includes nightmare, knife and all the stuff.

Anything related to plastic surgery? Well, we are not interested.

4. Man Vs Wild:

As far as I remember Man Vs. Wild are the shows that we watch on National Geographic or HBO, well guess what? It’s on Netflix as well. This show is all about survival tips when you face any wild life from face to face.

Well, none of us will plan to go jungle at night out of nowhere.

5. Yummy Mummies:

This is an Aussie reality show content on Netflix in which all the moms-to-be are united under one roof and they will do everything in the world to make their “mommy-to-be” phase life amazing.

These were some of our cringe-content on Netflix that we think we can not watch for long. If you love any of these series then comment down below why you love them as we would love to give it another watch after reading your opinion. Also, if we give you a choice to add one more show to the list which Netflix show will you choose?

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