WhatsApp To Launch Pay Over The App

If someone asks me which social app is my favorite? Then I won’t take a second to say WhatsApp. I love everything about this app from its services, to features, and all the latest updates. Are you? Well, you must be! And here you go again, do you know the app is planning to launch something extremely amazing as well as convenient which is WhatsApp pay.

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If you have never heard about this feature before then here let me tell you that this paid feature of the green app has already been launched in Brazil and people are taking as much advantage as it can. And this update will be soon launched in India and gradually it will be launched throughout the globe.

What WhatsApp Pay Helps In?

Let’s just accept the fact that banking and online banking is overall a complex process. And sometimes get over our mind too but WhatsApp is all set for the rescue. WhatsApp pay helps you in paying your bills, transaction, transfer, or anything just by clicking a few of the options, and ALAS you will be done!

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How WhatsApp Pay Works?

In order to join the part of WhatsApp Pay the user first has to do a transaction with the contact and then he will be eligible to set their UPI ( Unified Payment Interface) account on WhatsApp which does not require any sort of bank details, account numbers or other complexes processes. And then users are all set to pay through the app just by tapping on the “share files” and then on pay.

In that file all your account history, payment sent, or received everything will be documented which is a plus point and gives you all the vibes of online banking. Just enter the QR code for your payment and enjoy the process.

whatsapp pay

Isn’t it just amazing? It is right? So, let’s just wait for the date when this update will be available in our region and avail of all the positive opportunities. Also, comment down below which of the app is your favorite among the all and why?

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