BTS and how K-Pop took over the world

It has been a while now that people all around the world have been going gaga over the Korean band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys. They have been momentous with their success and have gone global in a short span of time. Keep reading to know how K-Pop took over the world and has been making history since 2012.

how K-Popo took over the world

How K-Pop took over the world!

Just recently, at the MTV EMAs, BTS won four consecutive awards for “Best Song”, “Best Group”, “Best Virtual Live”, and “Biggest Fans”. Lets take a look at how not just BTS but the whole genre of K-Pop bought the world in to a frenzy! This is on how K-Pop took over the world!

Although K-Pop has been around since 1992, what really made it blow up is that in 2012, Chris Gayle did a dance step to the now very famous song by PSY after winning a match against Ireland. It was then that people started streaming “Gangnam Style” and took thir first steps towards discovering the Korean goodness.

When people really started delving into the world of K-Pop, they were not only surprised by the music but it was the choreography that caught their eye as well. People loved the fact that the celebrities could move in such a way even while singing and interacting with the audience.

In the same years, bands like BTS, EXO, and Honey G started to make rounds on social media as people started to take a major liking for these bands due their style, music and obviously, the way they danced.

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The most unusual thing about these bands is that they have over 7-12 members at the same time in a group. But one visual kei band named EXO started off making music with two subgroups named EXO-M, which sang in Mandarin and EXO-K, who sang in Korean. Other that that, this band sang in Japanese and Chinese alike.

Out of all these bands, BTS became the biggest success due to the type of lyrics they produced. While other bands make music on love, heartbreak and relationships, BTS features issues like bullying, mental health and elitism in their lyrics.

Not just boys but Korean girls have made history around the worls alike. The 4 member band BLACKPINK originated in 2016 and are being adored by eveyone since their first day in to the K-Industry.

This is how K-Pop took over the world, but all of the fame comes with a price as K-Pop singers were bound to 13- year contracts which was later legally reduced to 7 years. This means they have to work tirelessly with their labels without objecting to anything.

In 2017, Jonghyun, the lead of the famous K-Pop band SHINee took his own life at the age of 27 due to depression and not being able to handel the responsibilities that cam with his fame.

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