Trump is enraged after the election loss, still claims voter fraud

On November 7th, it was announced that Joe Biden has won the election and will be inaugurated as the 46th US President. Trump is enraged after this decision, clearly, as his series of tweets still professed that Biden won his place on the seat due to voter fraud.

trump is enraged

Why Trump is enraged?

Even before the results were announced, Mr. Trump had started to argue that the race between him and his rival was rigged as he clearly couldn’t see himself losing the Election!

In the wake of Biden winning this Election, Trump kicked off his non-sense tweets again claiming that this was meant to be his victory.

Trump’s campaign alleged that the votes were illegally counted and that observers were delibirately blocked from watching the votes being counted.

He even added that he received 70+Million “LEGAL” votes, signaling that Biden’s votes were illicit.

We all know that Trump couldn’t take Biden being the victor which is why Trump is enraged with the Elections this year!

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