LeBron James celebation on Joe Biden and Harris’s victory:

Lebron James is the top-rated basketball player. He celebrated Biden’s victory differently. He also pays gratitude to Kamala Harris for being vice president of the U.S. Yesterday Joe Biden and many other American news channels announced his 46th presidential rule on Washington DC. James posted on Twitter and edit his previous picture as a Biden. In the U.S. and on Twitter, it became the top trend. He said that he will join the president in the White House. He called him a new athlete in the United States. James added that simple human being wins hearts. If a president is a simple human, then it means he can work like a civilized person for his country. Millions of people are celebrating his victory. He has become the most vote taking President of the USA. As a basketball star people believe in performance and people’s views about their hard work. Same it is done with Biden. According to Lebron James, Biden is the one who contributed most to his country. It is important for the celebrities that how they treat their athletes during their service.

Lebron James achievement for NBA:

Lebron James is the American National basketball champion (NBA). He was the true critic of Donald Trump. Trumped never worked for the prosperity of black people in the U.S. Even during his rule, many black people were killed by police. Many protests were held against his presidency outside of the White House. Lebron James said it is good for Trump if he didn’t watch his championship match for NBA. When a president takes oath, he normally invites many personalities including athletes. Trump refused to invite Lebron James because, because Trump’s movement towards black people was not good. James celebrated victory because he knows that Biden is one of those democrats who worked for humanity, every cast of people, and established laws in the senate. James pays gratitude to the people of Philadelphia for helping him during the campaign. Biden thanked James and invited him to celebrate his presidency. He said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are true lovers of sports and we hope that our games will flourish during their presidency.

Lebron James unites black people:

LeBron James is one of those black Americans who fought for Biden’s presidency. Kamala Harris thanked all the black people who worked very hard and joined gathered all the black voters for their presidency. Black people knew if they elect Trump again, he will never let them live safely in the USA. Democrats including Joe Biden were true critics of Trump in the senate. They know he is a businessman. His vision is not for poor and needy people. All the democrats got their electoral votes because of black people. Black sports celebrities, especially Lebron James played a key role in joining the black voters. By their votes, it represents that they are the true lovers of democrats and their vision towards democratic America is very close. Joe Biden remained three times nominee for the U.S presidential election. Achieving 270 electoral votes was too difficult for this time. But now with the support of Biden’s home state Pennsylvania and a black community around other states helped them to become more popular.

Memes after winning Joe Biden:

The U.S is a popular country with its graphics and Hollywood cinematography. Top-rated news and memes on them are followed by the whole world. Trump became a joker by winning Biden’s election. Sports, especially football and basketball are favorite games. All the sportsmen published the memes of losing Trump. Black people are admiring Biden and enjoying that sports stars are helping them and supporting them for a new democratic vision.

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