Biden still in the lead, Georgia turns Democratic after a long while

The competition between red and blue is still on as the votes from several states are still being enumerated. With the Democrat Joe Biden still in the lead, Republicans are still hopeful for their leader Donald Trump to win this race for The United States of America.

Biden still in the lead

States like Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania still have several votes that need to be tallied to report which Politician is in the lead.

Biden still in the lead!

Georgia, a state that likes to keep voting for Republicans may take a turn for the better this time as most of the votes being counted are in favour of Democrat Biden.

It is being said there are 50,000 more votes that need to be added up mainly from the cities of Atlanta and Savannah and if Biden takes the lead in Georgia then this will be the first time since 1992 that a Democrat wins from the state of Georgia!

As of now, both parties are head to head as 49.4% of votes are in favor of a Democratic leader Biden while the rest 49.3% have cast their votes for Republican Trump!

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