Kourtney Kardashian Spreads Fake Facts About COVID Maks

Kardashians and Jenners really know how to be in new or rule the headlines of this new, don’t they? Well, may it Kourtney Kardashian or any other siblings they always make sure to make up with a statement or a topic that blows everyone’s mind. And this time it is Kourtney Kardashian while there isn’t been much time when Kendal Jenner was on the top of the news regarding throwing a maskless big Hawolleen party on her 25th Birthday.

Kourtney Kardashian recently re-posted a post on her Instagram story which has 103 million followers and the post stated, “Those Blue Masks Mandated at grocery stores & airplanes are made of PTFE, a carcinogen made of synthetic fluoride. According to Cancer.Org, it increases the risk of liver, testicle, pancreas, kidney & breast tumors + ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, preeclampsia, and high cholesterol. High exposure can cause influenza-like symptoms and hemorrhaging in the lungs, leading to suffocation.” And the famous Caleb included herself wide-eyed emoji and a mind blown one as well.

kourtney kardashian

We can’t deny the fact that this post made our eyebrows raised and jaw dropped simultaneously. Didn’t it?

ACS Prooving Kourtney Kardashian’s Post Wrong:

Dr. William Cance if you don’t know is the scientific officer and chief medical of the ACS said in a post that there is no evidence that the PTFE that masks contain causes cancer. He also bought a historical natural experiment saying that several doctors and scientists who work in hospitals and labs are wearing masks straight for so many hours to avoid getting infected from the virus or chemicals. And all of them are doing well and none of them has caught the virus due to wearing masks.

Apart from that, an article of ACS was published stating that according to their research they did not even find any PTFE chemical in the masks but the masks contain PFOA chemicals as long as it is concerned with the potential of health.

Well, if you are not aware then Kourtney Kardashian is known as the health mister of her family and she also owns so expensive, well every Kardashian and Jenner brands are expensive, brand called “Poosh”. She recently supported his brother-in-law, Kanye West, by wearing his merch and posting it on Instagram asking her followers to “Go Out AND VOTE.”


Also, guys if you are a Kardashian’s lover then do you know keep up with Kardashians has finally and officially comes to its end. And if you are already aware of this news then what you guys are going to find as a substitute for this reality show?

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