You Season 3: Netflix Is Back With The Much Loved Series

To all the “You” lovers 2020 isn’t that bad for you guys as You season 3 is confirmed to air on Netflix. If you are among those who binge-watch Netflix show and get really sad when the show ends like most of us and above all, if you “You” lover then it’s time for your to count the days as “You” official page on Twitter has revealed that the show will be back soon with the new season.

We won’t deny the fact that the caption is giving us butterflies in the stomach. “See you soon, neighbor.”

To the people who know and to the people who don’t season 2 of “You” ends with Joe starting his new life in Los Angles due to all the drama that happened in between him and Beck. And found his another love unfortunately with the name “Love Quinn.” and he promises that he will leave all his addictive or we should say murderous habits this time. But little did we all know that or predicts that Joe’s inner psychotic and possessive self will come out. And to see whether we are right or wrong we just can’t wait for the You season 3.

You season 3
YOU season 2

You Season 3 Shooting Has Officially Begin

If you are here wondering that if now the season will be back soon then when will be the shooting start? Well, the shooting has officially begin and all the cast is back in the production and has been revealed by non-other than Netflix it self.

And that too giving us post precautions that is “Stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times.”

When “You” Season 3 Will Release And More:

The team has only revealed the year of this much-loved series but the date still has to be confirmed and the year is “2021.” Can’t wait for 2020 to get over yet right? Well, same!

Also, adding a Lil more spice to you guys excitement there will be 2 more fresh characters in this season as well. And according to online research, these characters are going to give a lot more hard time to “Joe and Love.”

Well, whatever it will be let’s just wait for this another series we are excited to watch in 2021 besides Money Heist and many others. Do tell us what was your reaction when you heard about the confirmation of “You” season 3? Also, do tell us your predictions about the upcoming new one as we are quite intrigued to read them.

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