Trump handling defeat, claims voter fraud

In this race for The United State of America, Joe Biden seems to be in lead right now with 50.4% votes in his favor. With millions of votes still uncounted, let’s take a look at how Trump is handling defeat!

trump handling defeat

How is Trump handling defeat?

As Trump saw himself biting the dust in the 2020 US Elections, he took to the white house on the morning of Election Day to speak to his supporters and the press. Trump claimed that “they were getting ready for a big celebration” thinking that he was going to win this time too!

“We won in states that we thought we wouldn’t win in”, he went on saying. With his chances of vanquishing being lesser than Biden’s, Trump alleged that “this is a fraud to the American public.” which points to the fact that he thinks he is losing because of voter fraud!

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Trump even added they would be challenging this legally, vocalizing that “we want the law to be used in a proper manner, so we’ll be going to the US Supreme Court.” Still not wanting to accept the fact that he is losing, Trump added “as far as I am concerned, we have already won this.”

This is it on Trump handling defeat. Do you guys think he would make it this time too? Or are you rooting for Joe Biden? Let us know in the comments!

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