Kendall Jenner is being criticized for her maskless Halloween party:

All we can do is live our Lives:

Kendall Jenner and her father Kriss Jenner, who became the newest personality for questionable behavior in society. Coronavirus pandemic is dangerous for everybody. many of us don’t care about their lives ‘ protection. many of us were criticizing the event on Halloween. Many attendees appeared with no masks. This was a critical situation for several celebrities to face criticism on social media and electronic media. California and L.A , both are at the very best number of cases and deaths. Usis facing a replacement presidential election on November 3rd, 2020. Attendees at the party were asked to not post the photos on social media, but Kendall Jenner’s sister posted photos without hesitation. Ushas broken the record of deaths within the Covid-19 pandemic. At quarantine, celebrities are the important focus of their fans. Fans published this news as a top trend on Tweitter. She was not expecting for this attitude from her fans at the same time. She appologized it before the people.

kendall jenner
Kendall Jenner is being criticized for her maskless birthday party

Shameful situation for U.S. celebrities:

Justin Bieber, Scott Disick, andafewother celebrities attended the party. People posted their pictures in many places. they’recounted in respected personalities. People within thewhole world were also criticizing them. They advised them, to notattend such parties within thepandemic. People pray that theyought tokeep them safe for his or herfans and family. it’swas important for all the attendees to checktheir coronavirus pandemic. Kris Jenner told us that each oneof the participants tested negative before and thenthe party. He added that we belong to an industry, where manypeople love them, especially singers and actors. People believe that we should always rememberthat and follow the laws during Covid-19.U.S people need to build trust between the Government and their relatives/friends. If people like big stars will not follow the rules, how people can convince others that this is a difficult situation for all of us. Kendall apologizes to their fans and advised them to be careful in life. If they will live in quarantine, they can help others during this pandemic. The government should take serious steps to prevent from going outside.

Kris Jenner responded to the criticism

Loss of lives for maskless people:

Masks are compulsory in those countries where coronavirus isn’t dangerous. People recommended that Kendall Jenner should recognize that where she lives. quite150,000 people are dead within theU.S.A due tothis pandemic. Those are safe who follow the laws and medical precautions, like masks, hand sanitizers, proper diet, and social distance. At parties, there was nobodywith a mask, including celebrities. How their fans expect that if their Mentors don’t follow the SOPs, how others will follow. She said we cannot stop people commenting, the party was against the expectations. The gathering was behaving against therules. They put their lives under threat without masks. U.S.A today and other famous channels wrote about this event.

Jenner commenting about his pandemic situation

Original story: Many were unaware

This was the primary time in her family, who faced such criticism. In  there have been complete guidelines from officials that there’s a risk for people without masks. People were with masks outdoor, 12 meters far away from the party, but it had been not strictly announced that they’re going to follow the govt policies at the ceremony. People started enjoying at the party. In the U.S.A. models engage with social media and therefore the people sleep in their society. Actually, the attendees wanted to represent themselves as models. They sketch photos of their dresses, shoes, and dance at those events. Someone wrote on the web that blowing out candles as a masked waiter holds the cake and tries to maneuver out of the way. it had been not difficult to know that famous personalities aren’t in a position to follow the rules. She added, once I was on a personal island for celebrating the party, I became the victim of backlash. I’m a supermodel. I’m not happy about my fans who tried to figure out my emotions. I understood that it’ll never happen again.

Supermodels at Halloween birthday cermony

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