Here Is Why Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram Account?

Each day we wake up to the news of some famous celeb initiating the much-hyped Instagram or quitting it. And this time none other than Travis Scott deleted his Instagram account. Instagram is playing a huge role in present times where everyone is highly interacted with each other. Especially its the interaction of fans with their favorite celebrities or the trollers to their least favorite or most disliked ones.

Travis Scott deleted his instagram account
Travis Scott

As we get to know a lot about these celebs personal life through Instagram but it is also known as the place and the app of toxicity. And this is one of the reasons why Travis Scott deleted his Instagram account.

Travis Scott & His Fandom:

Jacques Berman Webster also known as Travis Scott is quite famous as a singer, rapper, songwriter, his daughter ( Stormi Webster), and it would be an understatement if we won’t include the name of the mother of his daughter none other than Kylie Jenner. He has been quiet in the news for his appearance with Kylie Jenner and especially due to his appearance on her Instagram account.

Well, who doesn’t know how cute her daughter is and is a legit copy of him. She is already a famous kid in this industry and no one can’t resist themselves from adoring her.

Travis Scott deleted his instagram account
Travis Scott With Daughter & Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott Deleted His Instagram Handle:

Halloween has just passed and prior to that we all are excited and curious about the fascinating costumes of the famous celebs. Some of the costumes make us awestruck and make us go all “Awe” while the other made us laugh hard. And the funny costumes and looks call for the trolls all those haters or you can say trollers couldn’t resist their fingers from making those nasty comments.

And let’s just say this Halloween wasn’t that lucky for the Webster and that’s why Travis Scott deleted his Instagram account. Travis Scott posted a picture of him on the social media app in his chosen costume which was “Batman” and Instagrammers trolled him real hard. And following this incident, the singer deleted his Instagram account.

After all handling hatred, trolling, and, nasty comments are not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s what Travis Scott proved with his this action.

Twitterazies On Travis Scott’s Recent Action:

No Jumper announced to their followers that the Webster deleted his Instagram and in their reason, they used the word “clowned.”

Some of his fans were really disappointed for bullying their favorite singer..

So this was the reason due to which Travis Scott deleted his Instagram account. Well, the singer recently released his new solo song “The Plans” which is in association with Christopher Nolan film Tenet. And his all working hard on the full joint album with Kid Cudi.

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