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Russia, Hungary, Poland, what other country leaders think about the 2020 USA Elections

Now that the running president and Republican Trump and his Democratic competition Biden are vis a vis with each other in the presidential race, people are anxious to know who will win this year. Not only the general public but other country leaders have also spoken out about who they would like to see as President for the next 4 years.

what other country leaders think

What other country leaders think about the 2020 USA Elections!

Although some of the leaders have decided to let Election Day (Tuesday, 3rd November) make the noise, some are being very vocal about whom they would like to see as President next. Keep reading to know what other country leaders think about the 2020 Presidential Elections

The Russian experts say that they expect a little improvement between Moscow and Washington regardless of who wins this time. But, Andrey Kurtunov of the Russian International Affairs Council, a research group based in Russia, says that: “Putin and people around him might like Trump because he fits very nicely with their view of the world”, which suggests that the majority of the Russians might be rooting for Trump this time as well!

Meanwhile, Poland’s President, Andrjez Duda has remained silent and avoided responding when asked who they would like to see winning the 2020 Presidential Elections.

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban was one of the few European leaders who spoke in favor of Trump as the rest of Europe seems to show more liking for Biden as shown in this survey by YouGov.

Other countries like India and Israel which are closely associated with Trump remain cautious while praising him just so they don’t muddle their relations with the Biden Admisnistration.

Overall, Trump has always scored poorly among the European region as most of them prefer someone else over him running for President.

This is what other country leaders think about the 2020 Elections. Some still want Trump to run for the second time while others wish that Biden gets a chance in 2020. We just have to wait for Election Day to really find out who triumphs!

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