Johnny Depp loses case against his ex-wife and The Sun

In 2016, Amber Heard filed for a divorce from her husband of 1 year, Johnny Depp, claiming that Depp used to physically abuse her during their marriage while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

johnny depp loses case

Johnny Depp loses case against Ex-Wife!

In 2017, the divorce between the two parties was finalized and since then both have been going back and forth claiming that one used to physically abuse the other.

In 2019, Depp sued Heard for a $50 million suit that claimed that Heard “is not the victim of abuse, she is the preparator.” He even denied the allegations that were placed on his name by his ex-wife Amber.

In 2020, phone recordings of Amber admitting to hitting Depp were released in which Heard was heard saying “I don’t know what the motion of my actual hand was, but you’re fine, I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you.”

On the other hand, Depp was heard saying, “I left last night. Honestly, I swear to you because I just couldn’t take the idea of more physicality, more physical abuse on each other.”

On the 7th of July, a libel 3-week trial started between the two in which Depp had sued “The Sun” for calling him a “wife-beater” in one of their articles. During the trial Depp even alleged that Heard was having extra-marital affairs with James Franco and Elon Musk, which was obviously denied by Amber Heard.

After 3 months of the tiring trial, the judge, Justice Nicole, ruled in favour of Heard saying that The Sun was correct in reporting that Depp had indeed absued Heard during their marriage.

This long-running story caused a stir in the mass media and people were confused with who they should trust during this whole process. Some people blamed Depp for the whole fiasco while some were sure that it was because of Heard that the abuse had taken place.

Due to this whole situation, people even spoke out against JK Rowling for casting Depp in her “Fantastic Beasts” franchise saying she was a hypocrite for casting a “known abuser” in her movies.

Heard was seen celebrating this win with a champagne shaped balloon and hugging her family with teary eyes while Johnny Depp loses case against ex-wife with his career left in ruins.

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