COVID-19: Second Wave In the US Can Be More Dangerous?

COVID-19 has been the worst nightmares for everyone around the globe. The rise of the patients, the first wave of coronavirus, 45,000+ deaths in the US, the lockdown, and depression on the other side. All these factors have been a huge impact on everyone’s psyche and their lives undoubtedly.


“This shall pass!” We all started 2020 with this phrase and at the end of August, we got to here the good news and seek the hope of positive cases of COVID-19 declining. Some of the scientists efficiently predicted that the hot weather and high temperature itself will kill the virus naturally and some gave all of us hope the vacciness soon will be introduced.

But what we all witnessed is that this virus is free from the impact of any temperature and the vaccines are still not here. Lastly, all the lockdowns were opened but we couldn’t decline the fact that the cases of COVID-19 were decreased not ended. This indirectly indicates us more interaction and carelessness of people higher will be the cases.

COVID-19 Second Wave Is Here?

As the winters are just around the corner and fall has almost ended the cases are increasing in the US. The positive and death cases of coronavirus are rapidly increasing the hospitals which is giving stress to everyone about the second wave of coronavirus. and all the charts and numbers of cases are direct indications that the second wave of coronavirus can hit the US any time or any moment. Lockdowns are being restricted and precautions are again being reminded us by the government are the signs. But the good news is that the second wave hasn’t arrived yet so be very cautious.

COVID-19 second wave

It was understood from the beginning that the second wave will hit and rumors had that it will be more dangerous than the first.

Second Wave Will Be Worst Than The First One?

Since the cases are rising tremendously in the USA this is making all of us think that the side effects and dangers of this time. Well, the answer to this according to the doctors and researchers is Yes, second wave of COVID-19 can be more dangerous than the first one. As this time it is predicted in winters and winters itself brings influence, fever, and coughs. And these viruses will give more exposure to the coronavirus and the more easy chances of transmitting of virus.

So, be careful to follow all the SOP’s, wear masks religiously, use sanitizers, wash your hand every 10 minutes, and be as cautious as you all were at the starting of March as the risks are higher and more dangerous. Be safe and sound!

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